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Products & Services

Portmore LPG Supplies Ltd markets and distributes packaged liquefied petroleum gas to thousands of household and food establishments throughout Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine.

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We have recently added to our product line, Petcom’s Pace lubricants “High Standards By Any Standard”, that are ranked among the best in the market.

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Pace Autotronik is a premium quality automatic transmission fluid formulated to meet the requirements of Ford and General Motors specifications for use in automatic transmission systems.

Pace Autotronik offers excellent protection against oxidation, good dispersancy, detergency, and protection against corrosion and rusting. It has load carrying properties and offers compatibility with automatic transmission component materials.

Performance Specifications

Pace Autotronik has been fully tested and is approved against the following


☛ General Motors Dexron III – Qualification No. G34159
☛ Ford Mercon – Qualification No. M990102
☛ Allison C-4- Approval No. C4-27293498

Pace Cyclone Two Stroke Oil: A blend of highly refined base oils and additives carefully selected to impart high degrees of lubricity, detergency, and dispersancy required for two-stroke gasoline engines. Designed to minimize spark plug fouling and deposits on pistons, the combustion chamber and exhaust parts, and to give maximum protection against piston and cylinder wear and bearing corrosion.

Pace Cyclone Two Stroke Motor Oil: An SAE 40 body oil pre-diluted to meet the needs of the modern high-performance two-stroke engine. Suitable for high output air-cooled two-stroke engines where thermal stresses are severe.

Pace Premium: High performance crankcase motor oil meeting the latest API service category SL. The API SL represents a significant upgrade in engine oil performance over previous categories.

Pace Premium: Exceeds performance requirements for API service categories SH, SG and SJ in fuel economy, oil consumption/emissions system protection, oxidation control and high temperature piston deposits. Highly resistant to viscosity and thermal breakdown and allows for extended periods between oil changes.

Performance Specifications

The Pace Premium range of lubricants meet or exceed test requirements of:

APISL/CF o American Military MIL-L-2104D, MIL-L-46152Dr

Pace Power: Premium quality lubricant for high-speed, four-stroke engines designed to meet 2004 exhaust emission standards and to surpass performance demands of all previous diesel lubrication categories.

New engine design modifications use high cylinder pressures, increased piston ring zone temperatures and, in most cases, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). Pace Power is specifically engineered to sustain engine durability where exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is used.

Especially suited for high speed naturally aspirated and turbo-charged four-stroke diesel engines in the construction and road transport industries. Meets highest gasoline performance standards, so ideal for mixed fleet applications.

Pace Power (API Cl-4/SL, OF) is also specifically compounded for use with diesel fuels ranging in sulphur content up to 0.5% weight. It is backward compatible and can be used where CD, CE, CF-4, CG-4 or CH-4 oils are recommended.
Pace Power provides for enhanced:

☛ Durability where EGR is used
☛ Corrosion and Rust Protection
☛ Reduced Piston Deposits
☛ Thermal Stability.
☛ Detergency
☛ Cylinder and Piston Ring Wear Performance
☛ Oxidation Stability

This range of oils is a single grade premium quality lubricant that meets the requirements of the latest API service category SL.

Pace Optimum Motor Oil exceeds performance requirements for API service categories SH, SG and SJ in fuel economy, oil consumption/emissions system protection, oxidation control and high temperature piston deposits.

PACE SYNCRO Gear Oils HD: Multi-purpose type lubricants designed to meet the requirements of the MIL-L-2105D and API GL-5 specifications. These designations cover the type of service encountered in high speed and/or high torque service such as in hypoid gear units of passenger cars and other automotive gear units.
These oils incorporate multi-functional additives which impact high levels of anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-rust properties.

Pace Autotronik products
Main Applications

Enclosed steel gears operating under load/speed conditions of extreme severity, automotive medium and low speed spur or helical gear units; spiral bevel and hypoid axle units on-highway and off-highway vehicles.

Pace Synergy: A synthetic motor oil that provides stability and endurance under extreme conditions that can cause conventional oils to break down. It delivers the ultimate performance under high-temperature conditions. It offers unsurpassed protection against volatility burn-off and viscosity increase. Pace Synergy can be used with confidence in every gasoline engine passenger car, new or old, regardless of oil previously used. It is completely compatible with all conventional and synthetic oils.

Pace Mariner 2-Stroke Outboard Motor Oil TC-W3: Premium quality lubricant, designed to meet the critical requirements of the latest high performance, water-cooled two-stroke engines.

Exceeds latest National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) standards for two-stroke engines requiring TC-W3 oils, and has been awarded the NMMA Certification No. RL – 2911 5F.
Formulated using a high-quality ashless additive package that provides enhanced lubrication and protection for the latest high performance outboard motors even at the leaner oil to fuel ratios currently recommended by outboard engine manufacturers, and may be used with both leaded and unleaded fuel. It is dyed blue for the ease of identification.

Pace Hydraulic Oils: Premium quality lubricants designed to provide efficient power transmission and outstanding lubrication of pumps, actuators, control valves and hydraulic systems. Formulated from high viscosity index paraffinic base oils to which proven chemical agents are incorporated to enhance the:

☛ Anti-wear performance
☛ Corrosion protection
☛ Oxidation stability
☛ Filterability
☛ Thermal stability
☛ Demulsibility
☛ Anti-foam properties

Pace Transmission Fluid

Performance Specifications

Pace Transmission Fluid has been fully tested and meets the following specification:

☛ General Motors Dexron III
☛ Ford Mercon
☛ Allison C-4

Advantage of Using Pace Transmission Fluid

The use of Pace Transmission Fluid will result in:

☛ Excellent wear protection resulting in longer component life
☛ Protection against rust and corrosion
☛ Reduction in sludge and varnish deposits on system components
☛ Consistent, smooth shift quality throughout service life

Main Applications

☛ Passenger car jeep automatic transmission requiring GM Dexron III or Ford Mercon specifications.
☛ Certain power steering systems.
☛ Commercial transmissions requiring Allison C-4 Type fluid and earlier specifications.
☛ Certain screw type air compressors and hydraulic equipment.
☛ Applications requiring General Motors Dexron II E and earlier specifications.