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Cooking gas delivery services

About Us

We at Portmore LPG know the importance of feeding our nation. A key part of that mission is ensuring our restaurants are fueled to do so. We also know that before we took on this mission, our senior citizens fanned the flames to ensure our nation was fed and kept healthy to give birth to a generation of Jamaicans who are among the fastest and fittest in the world.

The mission continues with this new generation, those in our school system who will no doubt continue to bring joy, hope and pride to the greatest little nation on earth. It is with this in mind that we at Portmore LPG have embraced the mission to give special discounts to our restaurants, senior citizens, and of course our schools.

Totally Jamaican Since 1999

Portmore LPG Supplies Ltd has been serving the people of Jamaica since 1999. We supply and install packaged liquefied petroleum gas. For domestic use, we provide high-quality cylinders, gas refill services, and also gas fittings to dealers at reasonable prices.

Our team consists of well trained staff members, which are always ready to offer exemplary service to our valued customers. We provide house-to-house 100lbs cylinder delivery services, and we also offer refill gas services at special prices for schools, restaurants and senior citizens with a valid ID.


To offer our customers an exceptional service experience, while increasing the company’s profitability through increased sales volume of our main products and the diversification of our product range.


To be Jamaica’s leading distributor of Petroleum Products

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